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Gate Repair

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When you're behind your gates, you feel safe. You know that no one can get to you easily so your privacy is protected. Sometimes however, even these very strong doors will sometimes fail. Read on and learn more about the way that they fail and what you can do to get them serviced.

The Rolling Wheels

Gate Wheels RepairGates that are made of wrought iron or even those that are made of heavy wood are unsurprisingly heavy. This means that they exert a downward force that's perpendicular to the ground. If your system doesn't include wheels, this force will only be borne by the metallic hinges. That's why it's necessary to also have gate wheels or rollers installed. These provide support for the weight of the gate doors and they also improve the ease by which these doors travel to open or close. Because they're always under heavy forces, they are prone to getting worn out. If yours give out, count on our gate repair services. We'll either repair your wheels or replace them entirely with newer ones just so you'll enjoy a gate that closes perfectly again.

Failure of Carrying a Heavy Load

Hinges are designed to be strong enough to withstand the forces put on them by heavy doors. The problem starts when hinges of the wrong size are used or when they are mounted and welded improperly. An improper weld joint will eventually fail causing a catastrophic failure for the entire gate system. Even when they're correctly mounted and welded, sometimes, they do rust. So if you're experiencing any of these hinge related problems, count on us for gate repair services that cover all of the above and more.

Gate Repair Services You can Count on!

The automation of gates has really made life so much more convenient. With the proper system, you could just open the gate with a push of a button or a secret code keyed onto a panel or they may open completely automatically by virtue of sensors. When these fail, you will be inconvenienced by the sudden need to go manual.

When this happens, call us at Garage Door Repair Redmond to avail of our effective gate repair services that cover every single problem you might have with your gate.

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