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Keep cool with these garage door repair tips. Maintaining your home the easy way. Learn why garage door repair parts should be chosen carefully and how you can repair simple problems easily! Who doesn't appreciate garage door tips? Here you will find interesting ones.

Use simple maintenance techniques for smooth operation

The components of your garage door have a limited lifespan, but it may be possible to prolong this with some simple maintenance. Garage Door Repair Redmond recommends establishing a routine of simple maintenance which should include lubricating all the moving components including hinges, pulleys, rollers and springs and checking that all fixings are secure and tight. This can reduce strain on your system, encourage smooth operation and may actually reduce noise.

How to correct remote control malfunctions

Many common malfunctions with remote controls have an underlying cause of poor batteries. In many cases battery replacement will correct the issue. However, if this does not correct your issue, you may need to resynchronize your fobs. This can be easily done but the process varies for each different model of system. You should consult your manufacturer instruction manual for the exact process for your system.

Unplug your garage door opener while you’re away

If you are planning to go away for a vacation, we suggest unplugging the garage door opener before you leave. This will prevent any attempts to break into your home and can also help you save up on your power bill.

Garage door remote programming

The garage door remote makes life easier for us as we do not have to step out of the car and open or close the door. First remove the light cover on the opener and look for the 'learn' button. Press the button till the opener's indicator lights start to blink, now press the remote. Check if the door moves smoothly.

Don't ignore funny sounds

All garage doors make some kind of noise and you should start worrying when the noise is different, louder or unexpected. In such cases, it's smart to lubricate the metal parts as well as the chain of the opener. If the noise is still there, don't hesitate to contact our technicians to check the root of the actual problem.

Hazards of DIY repairs

As a general rule, DIY garage door repair is not advisable. While some parts may be accessible and problem diagnosis is possible, it is important to note that most of its parts, like cables and springs, are connected to high tension springs that can hurt you if you misuse it.

Maximize garage door safety

Garage door safety is maximized by taking the right measures in advance and sticking with all safety rules every day. That means getting the right garage door openers, which are compliant with the UL 325 safety regulations but also ensure the sensors are maintained often. Also, repair springs when they're damaged and service the entire system.

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