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How to Prevent Common Garage Door Problems

09/19/2013 Back To Blog

Nobody can predict with accuracy the time garage door piecesmay get damagedbut statistics are indicative of the usual problems and their causes. One thing is certain, no one can deal with time effects but everyone can delay the symptoms of old age and the repercussions of a damaged mechanism with good garage entrancecheck.

Good garage door inspection prevents damages

Being observant and taking notice of little problems is the best way to prevent problems. When you hear funny noises or notice that the garage entry cord is starting to loosen up and don't turn your back to these issues, you are doing yourself a favor. In fact, you should keep your eyes open every single day for anything strange or out of the ordinary. At the same time, you should inspect the entire mechanism once every few months giving emphasis on the major parts but without neglecting the secondary ones. Garage entrancetune-up can really save you money from emergency repairs and trouble since you will hardly deal with urgent situations.

What are the most usual garage door problems?

• The opener does not have electricity supply due to a technical problem or some problems with the unit itself.
• Springs lose their flexibility over the months, especially if they are not lubricated often.
• The battery of the clickers must be replaced before they die. In any case, you should keep batteries in the car and garage.
• The sensors do not communicate with the opener due to problematic units or damaged wires.
• The damaged bottom strip needs to be replaced because it would leave a gap underneath the door giving intruders an advantage and allowing the entrance of insects and elements.
General garage door rules
All parts of the mechanism have a specified life cycle and when this date passes, garage door fixing won't offer much in most cases. You will need to replace them to avoid compromising your security.

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