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How to Stop Children Garage Door Accidents

09/19/2013 Back To Blog

Regardless of their age, all people may be involved in garage door accidents but the ignorance of children for the dangers surrounding them, make them a special group of people, who need special protection by adults. You can forbid kids from entering the garage but this is highly unlikely and you may also intrigue their curiosity. Hence, the best solution is making an ideal and safe environment in the garage and doing garage door maintenance to ensure that the mechanism will never be a threat to the little ones.

Empty your garage from hazardous objects

• Most garages serve as storage rooms as well. Most people keep machinery and tools, which may be sharp or even rusty and they can certainly injure small kids. You need to tidy up the place throwing away needless stuff and locking away dangerous objects.
• The door, which leads to the garage, must be locked at all times and the wall switch for the operation of the garage doors must be installed at a height that cannot be reached by children.
• You need to keep the space perfectly clean, especially from motor oils and lubricants because the odors will be inhaled causing problems to the respiratory system and children, who may run around, may fall in a slippery floor.

Give priority to garage door maintenance

• It is obvious that regular garage door service will not only prevent accidents but also keep the house secure and well-insulated according to the specialists of Garage Door Repair CityName. When you maintain the sensors often, you can be sure of the effectiveness of the reverse system if something is wrong with the door. Regular service will ensure that all parts will be checked and the necessary garage door repairs will be done and, therefore, the system will work fine.
• Kids must learn that running back and forward underneath the garage door is not safe and must avoid it. You should give them the example by following the rules you set in the house for them, too. So, don't stay under the door if there is no reason and never trust the remote controls to their hands. The little buttons, which enable the door to go up and down, will drive them crazy but this is not a toy and playing “who's going to make it before the door closes down” is not a safe game.

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