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How to Stop Garage Doors Wearing Down

09/19/2013 Back To Blog

You will definitely need garage door replacement at some point in your life but it would make a big difference to your pocket if it will be done in five instead of two years. Proper maintenance doesn't require too much money or time but you need to be very observant with the behavior of the mechanism and never postpone fixing small damages and dents that could destroy the material or cause major issues to the entire system tomorrow.

Natural elements can destroy garage doors

• First of all, the color of the door will start fading away over the years and eventually the door will look really bad destroying the good image of the entire property. What you should do is refreshing it every few years or even repainting it in a different shade. You can get an excellent powder coat, which is also eco-friendly according to Garage Door Repair CityName.
• Rust, mold and too much dirt will not only ruin the appeal of your house but they will soon destroy the material. They will penetrate and weaken it and the door won't have the strengths to protect you properly.
• Bottom seal damages will not only compromise the insulation and security of your house but they might also destroy the bottom part of the door.
• You should deal with small dents right away. If you have hit the door with the car or a rock has been thrown against it causing discoloration and dents, you should fix the problem right away because the color will start peeling off and the material will erode faster. Don't forget that the paint is protecting the material. If the damage is huge, you should consider garage door panel replacement.
• When the door does not close properly or evenly, you should check the condition of the extension springs for garage doors or the possibility of loose cables or distorted tracks because the door may get distorted, too, and it won't be easy to adjust it back to normal.
• The application of coatings, which are made for the protection of the material, is necessary especially if you are living in an area with intense weather conditions and extreme temperatures. This is obligatory for wood garage doors.

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