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Two Different Garage Door Opener Brands

11/04/2013 Back To Blog

Thanks to the way that we move money these days and our economical models, we have been able to make companies flourish. We may find brands that offer services for almost everything imaginable. In the case of garage doors, there are more than just a couple of companies that sell doors of many different shapes and sizes. Therefore you will probably find what you want as long as you look into it with some care. For garage door companies, we may say that there are at least two main companies that commercialize garage doors and articles related to them.

These two are Genie and Chamberlain.

The Genie Company is specialized in commercializing garage door openers. The company was founded in 1923 and its headquarters are in Ohio. Their services cover the necessities of consumer and industrial needs, as well as some military ones. What makes Genie products so attractive is that they have a very wide range of the same. The company produces items that are suitable for different needs. The products are especially preferred in the area of residential openers for the same reason of variety. As well as offering very high quality items, they also offer cheaper lines of openers.

On the other hand we have Chamberlain. What makes Chamberlain so reliable is that they are actually the world’s largest garage door opener manufacturer. Similar to Genie’s style, Chamberlain also tries to offer a wide spectrum of models. The models may be more focused towards quality or price. Chamberlain’s products are usually innovative and offer things that other companies, including Genie, do not. Among these extra capacities are the backup batteries. Chamberlain openers sometimes have, depending on the model, a backup battery that allows the opener to operate for a certain amount of time in case that the power of the block or city goes out. Also, their products are compatible with the Universal Clicker, which helps you to open the garage door in the situation of forgetting the paired remote.

Choosing either Genie or Chamberlain heavily depends on what is needed for the house or business. Consulting an expert from garage door repair Redmond usually eases the decision, since they know their market. When choosing an opener it is important to keep in mind that price is not everything, since it's better to spend a little bit more on a better model than being locked out of the house because the device failed.

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